Our good local customer, Caesar, has done business with us previously for his other vehicles, but this time he came to us with this crazy looking 2006 Hayabusa with the the intent of improving light output, for better night riding as the season is coming.

He ultimately decided to go with the Hylux Low-Beam Kit and High Beam Kit.

He requested to tint the front turn signals to break apart the whites on the bike and add some contrast, we have decided to do avery light smoke tint for a clean look, while upgrading the turn signals to LEDs from Diode Dynamics.

Caesar wanted a little more aesthetic value once we did the HIDs, so we painted the housing in a nice shiny gloss black finish and added RGB Diode Dynamics Demon Eyes. These two compliment each other so well!

The bike sat in the garage for a while and needed a little more shine, so we extended our services to Caesar and finished with a 2 Stage paint correction. It was then finished off by sealing it with our go to sealant, CQuartz.

You can definitely say Caesar left with a smile on his face. However, we’re not sure if it was because of the lights, or if it was the power of this crazy beast!