Tasks Performed 

- Custom Headlights, Orion V4, Black Out, Red Demon Eye, EVOXR Projector Upgrade, Lens Etching
- Vinyl Wrap Roof and Mirrors Avery Film
- Bumper Silverstone repaint
- Windows Tinted 35%
- Gloss Black Emblems
- Gloss Black Kidney Grilles
- 2 Step Paint correction + sealant
- Vehicle Coding
- Interior LEDs
- Interior Detail
- Gloss Black Powder Coated Wheels
- General Maintenance

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So a little back story on this vehicle. Irfan the owner of this E60 M5 barely sees this car as he is very busy with work, however he let his friends drive the vehicle around in the meantime since he was traveling, I messaged Irfan on Instagram as a follow up to see if he is interested in getting some work done on his vehicle, he agreed! and we headed to pick the car up. However when we arrived we noticed things right off the bat that need some work and sent photos to Irfan right awaym when he saw the condition of the vehicle he was surprised himself as how the car was returned...


Upon further inspection we noticed this car will need a full detail inside and outside, and the some of the service engine lights sorted. When vehicle was scanned ton of voltage errors have been showing as you can see why below... With all the corrosion and water in the battery compartment that stores the PDC module.


 So the first thing we did was sorting the voltage errors that the car was showing as you can see why... The battery compartment and all the electronics had water and corrosion and the aftermarket battery was showing signs of bad health upon testing too. 

The whole compartment and tray has been removed, cleaned and terminals started getting cleaned out and the PDC module connectors. 


The wheels needed some loving too


Then it came to the headlight build, the outer headlight lenses needed a lot of cleaning up to do as seen in the first photo above. But these projectors are notorious for having burned out bowls, and the issue that cames with that is the light output will no longer be the same even if you put in high end bulbs as there is no more chroming left.

So we decided to upgrade to the EVOX-R projectors with custom M logo lens etching. This build had ton of performance oriented upgrades and cosmetic changes on the lights.

Old projector

New EVOX-R projector from TheRetrofitsource

///M Logo Engraving for an extra touch


Here is the final product

Brand new rear window and front windshield seals have been replaced

Gloss Black vinyl roof and side mirrors wrapped in Avery film

A known thing in the industry is majority of headlight retrofitting shops got used to the method of cutting E60 lenses off due to stubborn permasealed glue.  We took our time to retain the original lens in one piece that would allow us to reseal the light to OEM specs and prevent any condensation issues that might arise.

Gloss Black powder coated wheels, what a change from before!


Gloss Black IND Rear trunk badge

This vehicle previously had old style SMD 194 LEDs that are in blue color and flickering, we upgraded to Diode Dynamics HP5 series white LEDs for a classy and modern look that will update this vehicles interior.

Interior has been fully cleaned, leather seats conditioned and all the plastic trim has been coated in Feynlabs interior coating and same thing with the carpets.

Irfan has been so happy with the progress he told us not to hesitate on putting some of our branding on the vehicle.