This 2012 Porsche Panamera with Mansory bodykit came in for a 2 step paint correction and a sealer, in the end we have decided with the client to wrap the roof gloss black using Avery film.

Jobs Performed 

  • 2 step paint correction with Menzerna Sealer
  • Gloss Black Avery Vinyl on the roof


Here are some photos below after 2 step correction and menzerna sealer. Before the vinyl on the roof.

What a shine of the beautiful Porsche white paint!

For proper vinyl installation and adhesion all the crevices and trim had to be taken apart, that is the most time consuming part, proper prep work goes a long way!

These channels get very dirty under!

The roof has been clayed to remove any contaminants that are stuck in the paint, if this is not done proper the vinyl will reflect that surface underneath! This vehicle had a ton of over spray from previous bodywork causing a very rough surface that needed extra polishing too.

Ensuring all vinyl is reheated around the edges

White is a very tough color to wrap, if the film is cut short it will show right away and bleed white surface, everything is tucked properly and no white paint visible.

And here is the final product, what a difference such a simple thing did!

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